My roommate’s actual favorite salad


Last week I was eating “Everyone’s favorite salad” for the second night in a row and my roommate walked in and said “oh that’s my second favorite salad!” All casual-like with no clue that the integrity of my blog hinged on the fact that that particular salad was her number one pick (as she’d stated a few weeks earlier). Turns out that her favorite salad actually consists of tomatoes, mozzarella and cucumbers.

So this week I knew just what salad to make! It turns out that making salads based off of other people’s favorites is actually pretty brilliant. Two reasons: firstly you only announce that a salad is your favorite (or second favorite) if it’s really damn good. Secondly, you only make that salad regularly if it’s incredibly easy.

In my salad pursuits, I often browse pinterest for interesting and intriguing food combinations. In the process I discovered the joy of roasted chickpeas in caesar salad and mushrooms sautéed in cream poured over baby greens. But these things are time-consuming. The great thing about Sally’s two favorite salads is that they’re just as good in about a tenth of the time. 

Also I found that tomato, mozzarella, cucumber salad keeps well for days. As some of you might know, my cereal addiction has recently kicked back in. In order to avoid feeling woozy after eating two bowls of Wheaties in a row, I need to have healthy salads hangin’ around as alternatives.  It kind of works sometimes…

Check out the recipe I followed for Sally’s favorite salad here. 

My roommate’s actual favorite salad

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